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Pakistan Court commuted the death sentence of Omar Sheikh

The Sindh High Court of Pakistan commuted the death sentence of Omar Sheikh, a British born militant, known for his role in the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl. About the Incident American journalist Daniel Pearl was kidnapped from Karachi, Pakistan in January of 2002. He was then working on Pakistan’s terror groups that had ..

Press Council of India

The Press Council of India is a statutory body responsible for adjudicating the press in India. It was formed in 1966 by an act of parliament. What is the Press Council of India? The Press Council of India is a self-regulatory body for the press. It operates on a principle similar to that of democracy ..

Delhi High Court Observations on Sting Operation

Sting operation can be defined as a deceptive operation designed to catch a person committing a crime. It involves orchestrating an operation against an individual or a group committing illegal acts, gang activities or takedown of an entire multi-national criminal enterprise. Observations made by the Delhi High Court The Delhi High Court has made the ..

Ordinance Power [Krishna Kumar Singh vs. State of Bihar] Judgement

On January 2, the Supreme Court has delivered a judgment in Krishna Kumar Singh vs. State of Bihar,  stating that ordinances are subject to judicial review, and do not automatically create enduring effects. Put simply, ordinances are not immune from judicial challenge. This judgment is expected to have huge implications for the future of democratic ..

Social Justice Benches of Supreme Court of India

After being sworn in as the Chief Justice of India, a laudable step taken by Justice JS Khehar was to revive the popular social justice bench that was set up in December 2014, by reversing his predecessor Justice TS Thakur’s decision. This has been a very welcoming step on his part as the need of ..