Judiciary in India

Collegium System of Judicial Appointments in India

The constitution of India has established an integrated judicial system with Supreme Court at the top and High Courts for states. Under a high courts, there is a hierarchy of subordinate courts viz. district courts and other lower courts. This single system of courts, adopted from the government of India act of 1935, enforces both ..


Section 354 of IPC: Various implications and Issues

“In recent times, the number of cases registered under Section 354 of IPC has increased.” In your opinion, how does this affect the Indian society?

Death Penalty and justice delivery mechanism

“Death penalty serves its purpose only in highly efficient and time-bound justice delivery mechanism”. Discuss.

Law and Order : State Subject vs National Issue

Law and order is undeniably a State subject but when communal or caste-based violence results in the gratuitous killing and displacement of innocents, the issue ceases to be a State problem and turns into a national catastrophe. Do you agree with this view? Opine

Role of government and judiciary in Generic Drug Industry

“India has gained foothold on the global scene with its innovatively engineered generic drugs”. To what extent the government and judiciary of this country has helped it to achieve this? Do you think that the current policies can make India a major player in outsourced clinical research? Opine.