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Ghojadanga of West Bengal and Agartala of Tripura designated as immigration check posts

On March 6, 2020, Ghojadanga of West Bengal and Agartala of Tripura were designated as land immigration check posts. They are located in Indo-Bangladesh border. Highlights The Government of India has designated Agartala and Ghojadanga to check all classes of ..


USA’s Denaturalisation Section

US Department of Justice has created a dedicated division to deal with denaturalisation. This is in light of increasing number of denaturalisation cases under Trump’s presidency. 1) What is denaturalisation? Denaturalisation is the process of revoking the citizenship of a ..

Australia’s immigration policy- Pacific detention camps

The Australian government reversed its February decisions regarding the transfer of immigrants from its Pacific camps. The Australian government does not allow the entry of illegal immigrants into the country. It houses them on the islands of Papua New Guinea ..

Cabinet approves MoU signed between India and Myanmar

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday, November 27, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) signed on bilateral cooperation between India and Myanmar for the prevention of human trafficking in persons, recovery, rescue, re-integration and, repatriation ..

New US Rule to limit Legal Immigration

In its ongoing movement to reduce the number of immigrants coming to the United States, the Trump Administration has released a regulation which, if approved will reduce the number of legal immigrants in the US. What has happened? One of ..

Merit-based immigration to United States

The United States admits over 1.1 million immigrants every year. It is estimated that over 66% of them come to the US-based on family ties and not any merit linked criteria. The US administration under Trump plans to give the ..