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Australia becomes world’s first nation to recognise ‘orphanage trafficking’ as a form of modern slavery

Australia has become the first country in the world to recognise so-called orphanage trafficking as a form of modern-day slavery. Hence, it has criminalized the act of falsely inducing children into orphanages as a form of slavery, in what is believed to be the first move of its kind in the world. Under the new ..

2018 National Press Day (NPD) celebrated in November 16

The National Press Day (NPD) is celebrated every year on 16th of November to commemorate the establishment of Press Council of India (PCI) in 1966. This was the day on which the PCI started functioning as a moral watchdog to ensure that not only did the press maintain the high standards expected from this powerful ..

India hosts nation for conference on Global Digital Content Market (GDCM) 2018

On November 14, the conference on Global Digital Content Market (GDCM) 2018 has started in New Delhi with focus on ‘Asia Pacific region’. The 2-day conference will feature sessions on music, film, broadcasting and publishing, as well as collective management, emerging models and the implications for the market and policy makers. It is being organized ..

International Conference on Yoga for Public Health

On November 12, the International Conference on Yoga for Public Health has inaugurated at Kala Academy, Panjim. The two-day conference is being organised by the Ministry of Ayush with theme ‘Yoga for Public Health’. The 1000 representatives from around 50 countries are participating in the conference.

India donates 3 lakh Dollars for peacekeeping initiative of UN on issues of conduct & discipline

The Government of India (GoI) has recently donated $300,000 for a peacekeeping initiative at the United Nations (UN) that will focus on issues of conduct along with sexual exploitation and abuse and help develop the capacity of future commanders and managers to lead by example. The programme will, over a period of three years, help ..