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Abhijit Banerjee wins 2019 Nobel Economics Prize for study on poverty

Indian-American Abhijit Banerjee, his wife Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer have jointly won the 2019 Nobel Economics Prize for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty. Mr Banerjee was educated at the University of Calcutta, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Harvard University, where he received his Ph.D in 1988. He is currently the Ford Foundation ..

Karen Uhlenbeck recipient of 2019 Abel Prize for mathematics

Prof. Karen Uhlenbeck of the University of Texas at Austin has become first woman to win the Abel Prize, one of the world’s most prestigious international mathematics awards. The award is sometimes called the Nobel Prize of mathematics. She has been awarded the 6 million Norwegian kroner ($700,000) prize for her work in the fields ..

Raghu Karnad wins 2019 Windham Campbell Prize

Delhi-based Journalist and author, Raghu Karnad has won the 2019 Windham-Campbell Prize under non-fiction category for his debut book ‘The Farthest Field: An Indian Story of the Second World War’ in London. Hence, Karnad has become the 2nd Indian to receive the prestigious prize, since Jerry Pinto won it for his novel ‘Em And The ..

Ntozake Shange, noted African-American Playwright, poet and author, passes away

Ntozake Shange (70), the noted African-American Playwright, poet and author, has passed away in Maryland, United States on October 27, 2018. Her most acclaimed theatre piece is the 1975 Tony Award-nominated play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf”, which describe the racism, sexism, violence and rape experienced by seven black ..

Donald Hall, noted poet passes away

Donald Hall, the award-winning American poet and writer, has passed away in New Hampshire, United States on June 23, 2018. Hall began writing when he was just 12 years old. Over the course of a career that spanned more than seven decades, he wrote more than 40 books, half of which were works of poetry. ..

2017 Nobel Prize in Physics jointly awarded to three US scientists – Rainer Weiss, Kip S. Thorne and Barry C. Barish

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics has been jointly awarded to three US scientists – Rainer Weiss, Kip S. Thorne and Barry C. Barish – for the detection of gravitational waves. The ripples were predicted by Albert Einstein and are a fundamental consequence of his General Theory of Relativity. The winners are members of the ..

Indian Recipients of National Medal of Science and National Medal of Technology & Innovation

Three notable Indian Americans, two inventors and a researcher were named by US President Barack Obama as recipients of National Medal of Science, and National Medal of Technology and Innovation. The Indian American scientists figured in a celebrated White House honors list for 2011, broadly underscoring India’s continued contribution to American advances. Two of them ..

Suggested Books : Anthropology

Paper I(Part I)1. Beattie : Other Cultures2. Beals & Hoijer/ : An Introduction to Anthropology3. Haviland : An Introduction to Anthropology4. Vaid : Economy and Social Relations5. U.S. Mishra : An Introduction to Social-Cultural Anthropology (in Hindi)6. Mishra & Hasnain : Unifying Anthropology7. Honigman : he World of Man8. Herskovits : Cultural Anthropology9. Majumdar & ..