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Heat deaths due to Global Warming

Recently a study was conducted to calculate human cost of climate change. According to it, more than one-third of world’s heat deaths are related to global warming each year. Key Findings According to scientists, more people die from other extreme ..


G-7 Nations pledge to accelerate efforts against Global Warming

Environment ministers from seven industrialised nations or G7 grouping agreed to accelerate efforts against global warming during a two-day virtual meeting hosted by United Kingdom, holding presidency of G7 currently. Highlights They also committed to stop government support for new ..


Report: 99 of 100 cities with environmental risk are in Asia

A private firm Verisk Maplecroft has found that the Asian cities face the greatest risk from environmental issues. This includes natural disasters and air pollution. Key Findings of the report Of the hundred most vulnerable cities, ninety-nine are located in ..


Global Methane Assessment launched by UNEP and CCAC

The United Nations recently launched the Global Methane Assessment. It was released by Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) and the United Nations Environment Programme. The Climate Clean Air Coalition is a global partnership of governments and non-state partners. The ..


Atmospheric Methane

A new estimate from USA’s NOAA showed that the level of methane in the atmosphere in 2019 was the highest since record keeping began. Methane Methane is a gaseous compound and the simplest form of hydrocarbon class called alkane. It ..

Coal Bed Methane

The Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas recently discussed the policies regarding coal bed methane in the Rajya Sabha. Coal Bed Methane Coal Bed Methane or Coal Seam Gas refers to methane gas that is adsorbed onto coal seams ..