Claude Lorius – a Pioneer in Climate Science

Claude Lorius, a pioneering glaciologist, passed away on Tuesday morning at the age of 91. He was best known for his research into climate change, specifically his work in Antarctica which helped prove that humans were responsible for global warming. ..



Australia discovers a network of lakes beneath Totten glacier in East Antarctica

The researchers from Australian Antarctic Program have discovered a network of lakes lying under the ice during their 160-day expedition to the Totten Glacier, the largest in eastern Antarctica. The lakes were detected by scientists setting off small explosives 2m ..

The Greenland glacier is growing again

The Greenland glacier was one of the fastest shrinking ice and snow masses on the earth. A NASA study proves that it is growing again. The Jakobshavn glacier was retreating at 3 km annuallu. In the past two years it ..

Mt Everest Glaciers melting: Reveals British climbers bodies

According to BBC, the melting glaciers of Mt Everest are revealing the bodies of dead climbers. The report says that global warming is playing its role. The mountain has claimed the lives of almost 300 climbers since 1921. So far ..

Totten Glacier

Totten Glacier is a large glacier draining a major portion of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, through the Budd Coast of Wilkes Land in the Australian Antarctic Territory. The catchment drained by the glacier is estimated at 538,000 km2 extending approximately 1100 km into the interior and holds the potential to ..

GRACE—FO Mission

The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-on (GRACE-FO) mission is a partnership between NASA and the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ). GRACE-FO is a successor to the original GRACE mission, which began orbiting Earth on March 17, 2002. GRACE-FO ..