Earth Axis Shift increases

A recent study conducted by the American Geophysical Union has found that the melting glaciers have been increasing the shift of earth axis. What is Earth Axis Shift? The rotational axis of the earth is the axis around which it ..


Melting of Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier “Doomsday Glacier”

The researchers from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden recently used an uncrewed submarine to go under the Thwaites Glacier to make observations. According to the researchers, the melting of the glacier is worse than previously thought. The Thwaites Glacier is ..


Tsar Icicle

The Tsar Icicle recently collapsed killing four tourists in Russia. What is Tsar Icicle? The Vilyuchinsky waterfall in winter is called Tsar Icicle. The Vilyuchinsky waterfall lies in Kamchatka peninsula. It is home to more than one hundred and sixty ..


Regional Climate Centre for Himalayas

India is to establish a regional climate centre in the Himalayan mountain region. The centre will provide weather related services to India and also to its neighbours. Similar centre is being built by China on its side of the Himalayas. ..


Melting of glaciers in Sikkim

Scientists in Dehradun recently highlighted that the glaciers in Sikkim are melting at a faster rate than in rest of Himalayas. The Study The scientists at Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG), Dehradun studied 23 glaciers in Sikkim. They studied ..

Glaciers in Sikkim melts faster than others in Himalayan region

The Scientists from Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG), Dehradun have recently found that glaciers in Sikkim are melting at a higher magnitude than other Himalayan regions. The Institute is an autonomous research institute for the study of Geology of the Himalayas, under ..