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2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI)

2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) was released recently, ranking 180 countries on 40 performance indicators in 11 issue categories of climate change performance, ecosystem vitality and environmental health. Key Facts In the index, India has been ranked at 180th position, bottom of the 2022 Index. India has scored lowest among 180 countries. The index measured ..




WAYU launched by Union Government for traffic junctions

Dr Harsh Vardhan, the union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate change (MoEF&CC), has inaugurated air pollution control device – Wind Augmentation Purifying Unit (WAYU) at ITO in New Delhi. WAYU is developed by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research –National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI) to mitigate air pollution at traffic junctions. The prototype ..



Vermin means wild mammals and birds which are harmful to crops, farm animals or which carry disease. In India, wild animals can be declared as vermin if they have become (i) dangerous to human life or property (including standing crops on any land). (ii) become disabled or diseased as to be beyond recovery. Using these ..