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Kashmir Issuse

The External Affairs Minister of India, S. Jaishankar, had to categorically deny the US President Donald Trump’s claim that Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has asked him to mediate in the Indian dispute on the territory of Jammu & Kashmir with Pakistan. What had happened? US President Trump had on July 22 Monday had ..

Update : US Democratic Party primaries

In the run-up to 2020 American Presidential polls, the American Democratic party is currently organizing the primaries to select its Presidential candidate for the polls. The primaries and caucuses will be a series of electoral contests organized by the Democratic Party to select the approximately 3,768 pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention. These delegates ..

Update – Trump’s Border Wall

US President Donald Trump may have to wait a little longer to get his promised border wall as a US Federal Judge prohibited President Trump from using federally allocated funds to build sections of the wall along the high-priority segments on the US-Mexican border. What is Trump s proposed border wall? President Donald Trump had ..

G20 Updates : Climate change dominates pre-discussions

The ongoing pre-organization meeting of the G-20 countries being held in Osaka, Japan is currently stuck in a conundrum over climate change discussions. Negotiations are currently ongoing over the language of the summit communique (note) on combatting climate change which will be made by the G-20 nations at the end of the summit. What are ..

Switzerland removed from US currency watchlist

The Trump administration has recently removed India and Switzerland from its currency monitoring list of major trading partners. Both the countries were removed from the list because for two consecutive reports they had both met only one of three criteria necessary for inclusion on the monitoring list. According to the report, India had a significant ..

US Withdraws From UN Arms Trade Treaty

US President Donald Trump stated that his administration is withdrawing the U.S. signature from the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, in response to concerns from gun rights activists that it could impinge on Americans’ right to bear arms. Former US President Barack Obama signed the treaty in 2013 and sent the treaty to the Senate for ..

US: No waiver for China on stopping purchase of Iranian Oil

The Trump administration has stated that there will be no short-term waiver or any wind-down period over China’s oil purchases from the Republic of Iran in the wake of the recent announcement made by Washington that the customers of Iran should halt their purchases by May 1 or have to face US sanctions. The administration ..

Kim Jong Un: US acted in “bad faith” at Hanoi

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has stated during his summit with Russian President Putin that US had acted in bad faith at Hanoi talks. The Hanoi Summit between USA and North Korea had taken place in February 2019 at Hanoi, Vietnam but the talks were ended suddenly without the joint-signing ceremony. President Trump ..