What is Electronic Interlocking?

The recent train accident in Odisha’s Balasore has brought the focus on the safety measures implemented in the railway system and the role of electronic interlocking system. The Purpose of Electronic Interlocking Electronic interlocking is a crucial safety measure in ..



State of Climate Services Report of WMO: Key Facts

The World Meteorological Organization of United Nations recently released the “State of Climate Report”. Key Findings of the Report One on three individuals are not covered by disaster warning systems Frequency, severity and intensity of extreme climate events and weather ..


Vizag Gas Tragedy leaked Styrene Gas

Styrene Gas leaked from LG Polymers Plant in Vishakhapatnam. The tragedy claimed eight lives. What is a Styrene gas? Styrene is a chemical compound identified as neuro-toxins. It is also known as Vinyl Benzene, Ethyl Benzene and Phenyl Benzene. Styrene ..


National Disaster Management Authority

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) along with the Uttar Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (UPSDMA) conducted one of the largest Mock Search and Rescue Exercises to review preparedness for floods in the ongoing monsoon season. Rising river waters have ..

Disasters’ Destroying Economic Potential

As per the Odisha Economic Survey 2018-2019, Odisha s economic growth was severely hindered by several natural disasters which have occurred at frequent intervals. What does the survey say? Disasters have caused enormous losses to life, livelihoods, property, and infrastructure. ..

Mass Bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter

The Sri Lankan government has declared an immediate curfew across the entire nation in the wake of recent bombings which have been labelled as the worst in the decade. The country has been gripped by a series of blasts which ..