Diabetes: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Indigenous glucometer developed with financial assistance from ICMR

SuChek is a completely indigenous and affordable glucometer which is suitable for varied climatic conditions. It is validated as per International standards and has been developed with financial assistance from Indian Council of Medical Research ..

Urinary Auto-Brewery Syndrome

Scientists have discovered a new medical condition in which the patient was producing ethanol in urine due to fermentation activity by yeast in the urinary bladder. 1) What is urinary auto-brewery syndrome? The urinary auto-brewery ..

International Diabetes Federation launches 9th IDF Diabetes Atlas

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has released latest figures that highlight the alarming growth in the prevalence of diabetes around the world.  These figures were published on the 14 November, World Diabetes Day in the ..

First-ever National Nutrition Survey conducted by Indian government & UNICEF

The first-ever National Nutrition Survey have been conducted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and UNICEF between February 2016 and October 2018 to measure malnutrition. The key findings of the survey, which ..

2018 campaign of World Diabetes Day (WDD)

The World Diabetes Day (WDD) is observed every year on November 14 to raise awareness among families to discover, prevent and manage diabetes. It is the primary global awareness campaign focusing on diabetes mellitus The ..