What is Diamond Duck in cricket?

In Cricket Diamond duck means, if a batsman is dismissed without facing a single legal delivery. Diamond Duck may happen when the batsman at non striker’s end without facing a single delivery got run-out  or when the batsman is stumped off by a wide delivery.


Who holds the record of maximum number of wickets in T20?

Pakistan Player Sahid Afridi holds the record of maximum number of wickets in T20. He took total of 97 wickets in T20s from 2006-2016. Umar Gul of Pakistan stands in second place with 85 wickets took in T20. He took 85 wickets from 2007-Present.

Which batsman scored first century in T20 international cricket?

Chris Gayle of West Indies became the first batsman to score century in Twenty-Twenty International cricket. He made first century in T20 with a score of 117 against South Africa in the first T20 World cup held in 2007.

What is the name of cricketer who scored fastest century in ODI world cup?

In 2011 World cup Ireland player Kevin O Brein recorded fastest century in the World cup tournament. He scored century in 50 balls against England. In entire ODI history, South Africa Batsman AB de Villiers scored fastest century. He scored century in just 31 balls against West Indies in 2015.

What is the name of first Indian player to score century against Pakistan in ODI world cup?

During 2015 Cricket World cup, with a score of 107 Virat Kohli became the first Indian batsman to score a century in World cup against Pakistan. Previously the highest individual score of Indian batsman against Pakistan in world cup was 98 scored by Sachin Tendulkar in 2003 world cup.