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“Elektro Dumper”- The world’s largest electric vehicle

In a revolutionary development in the field of electric vehicles for the world, an automobile company has unveiled the new “Elektro Dumper” which is the world’s largest electric vehicle currently. About the Elektro Dumper? The Elektro Dumper is a mining quarrying dumping truck which is currently working in the quarries at Biel, Switzerland. This giant ..

State of Automobile Industry in India

The Indian Auto Industry is in a really bad shape right now as cars have plummeted over 30% year on year and this has to lead to manufacturers to cut back on production. A cut-back means that job-losses are inevitable. As per Industrial estimates, over 3.5 lakh jobs have been lost in the downturn and ..

Automobiles Sales in India fall for the 9th straight month

As per the data released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the sales of domestic passenger vehicles has fallen down by 30.9% in the month of July. This is the 9th straight decline in monthly sales. The domestic production of all passenger vehicles has also fallen by nearly 17% in the same month. ..

Issues before the Automobile Industry

The Indian auto industry, which is one of the world’s largest (4th largest) with annual sales increasing 9.5% year-on-year to 4.02 million units (excluding two-wheelers) in the year 2017. It also was the 7th largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in 2018. Current Situation The Two Wheelers segment dominates the Indian market segment in terms of ..

Electric Vehicles in India

India is an oil deficient country. It is thus forced to import most of the crude oil it uses ( nearly 80%) from other countries. This creates a problem for India, both fiscally and for domestic security. The government is exploring various methods like ethanol blending, improved oil recovery from Indian Oil fields and adding ..

Electric Fleet for Commercial Use

The government think tank Niti Aayog is exploring the following options for transitioning to electric vehicles: Taxi aggregators to be required to convert 40 per cent of their fleet of cars to electric by April 2026. Taxi aggregators such as ola, uber would be required to convert their fleet as early as next year to ..

The Union Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship signs a Mou with Maruti Suzuki to impart skill training

The Union Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has signed an agreement with Maruti Suzuki Ltd to impart training to youth and enhance their employment potential. The Flexi MoU was signed by Vijay Kumar Dev, Director General, DGT (MSDE) and Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Vice President (Maruti Suzuki India Limited) in New Delhi on Dec 18, ..

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd to merge with Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd and Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd have decided to enter into a merger. The merger will assist them manufacture and meet the mounting demand for diesel vehicles Suzuki Powertrain is a 30:70 ratio joint business enterprise between Maruti and its Japanese parent Suzuki Motor Corp The merger is estimated to enhance Suzuki’s ..