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United Nations’ World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day is celebrated on 15th July every year. This day is celebrated to expand awareness on the importance of investing in youth skills development. The United Nations General Assembly decided in resolution A/RES/69/145 to depute 15 July as World Youth Skills Day.

The Kutchi New Year celebrated as Aashadhi Beej

Kutchi community celebrates its New Year on Aashadhi Beej, which falls in month of Ashada (July / August).

2018 International Labour Day

The International Labour Day, also known as International Worker’s Day or May Day, observed every year on May 1 to promote and encourage the international labour associations. The day marks the victory of workers’ movement for 8 hours of work. It also aims to pay tribute to workers sacrifices in achieving economic and social rights ..

Lumbini hosts 2018 International Buddhist Conference

On April 29, the 2018 International Buddhist Conference was held in Lumbini, the birth place of Gautama Buddha. It was organised as part of 2562nd Buddha Jayanti celebrations. The basic purpose of the conference was to disseminate teachings of Gautam Buddha and spread the messages of nonviolence, brotherhood, co-existence, love and peace to the international ..

Nuakhai Juhar

Nuakhai or Nuankhai is an agricultural festival mainly observed by people of Western Odisha in India. Nuakhai is observed to welcome the new rice of the season. Farmers offer the first produce from their lands to goddess Samaleswari, to whom the festival is dedicated.  According to the calendar it is observed on panchami tithi (the fifth day) of the lunar fortnight of the ..

The 2018 World Cancer Day (WCD) observed February 4

The World Cancer Day (WCD) is observed every year on 4th February to raise awareness about cancer, its treatment and to encourage methods of its prevention. The primary goal of the day is to reduce the illness and related deaths by 2020. The 2018 tagline “We can. I can” will explore how everyone – as ..

The Losar Festival started in Ladakh

The festival of Losar has started in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir on December 19, 2017 to mark the Tibetan New Year. The celebrations will continue for 3 to 9 days in different parts of Ladakh. The fest is regarded as the most important socio-religious event in Ladakh. Because of several ancient ritual performances ..

The 2017 Armed Forces Flag Day

The Armed Forces Flag Day is observed every year in India on December 7 to remember the sacrifices and commemorate the honour to the soldiers, airmen and sailors. The day observed since 1949 and is dedicated towards collection of funds from people for the welfare of the Armed Forces personnel. It is the duty of ..