Bt cotton: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Is Marathwada Undergoing Desertification?

The experts have warned that the Marathwada region of Maharashtra is heading towards desertification due to the policy-induced failures. The Groundwater Surveys show that the water table had dropped alarmingly in 70 of the 76 talukas and more than 25 have reported a drop of more than two metres. Why the disaster is Man-made? Of ..

Pink Bollworm Infestation and Bt Cotton

India is the only Bt cotton-growing country facing the problem of pink bollworm infestation. Even though Bollgard 2, or BG-2, Monsanto’s second generation insecticidal technology for cotton, was supposed to protect crops against the pink bollworm, the pest has grown resistant to the toxins produced by this trait. As a result, farmers now spend more ..