Stubble Burning: Causes and Prevention

Stubble burning refers to deliberate act of setting the straw stubble that remains after rice, wheat and other grains have been harvested on fire. The stubble burning in the regions of Punjab and Haryana was one of the main reasons for the high levels of pollution in Delhi.  The environmental impacts of the stubble burning is contributing to […]


Price Policy Issues: Balancing Farmer and Consumer Interests

Food being a basic need, balancing the interests of producers and consumers will be one of the top priorities for any government. While the producers require incentives to grow enough, the consumers want the prices of the agricultural produce to be reasonable. While the government took consumer friendly measures to impose stock restrictions on sugar […]

Impact of GST on Agriculture & Farmers

GST is hailed as one of the most transformational reforms carried out in India since 1991. GST is perceived to have mixed impact on agriculture. Impact on input-side Fertilisers which were subjected to a 0% to 8% VAT will henceforth attract 12% tax under GST. This will increase the prices of fertilisers by 5% to […]

Agricultural Census in India

Agricultural Census is conducted by Ministry Of Agriculture every five years with the participation of states and UTs since  1970 as a part of World Agriculture Census Programme. This involves collection, compilation and tabulation of data in respect of 138 million operational holdings. It is a Central Sector Scheme under which 100% financial assistance is given […]

Recent Government Moves on Import Duty on Wheat

In this article, we try to explain the significance of hiking import duties to safeguard the interest of Indian farmers in the light of the wheat prices falling due to high production and imports.  Import duty is basically a tax collected on imports and can be either fixed or based on the value of the goods […]