World’s oldest Fossil Forest found in US

Researchers have found an extremely rare fossil site that shows evidence of wood and leaves from the Devonian Period, the site located in Cairo, New York stretches up to Pennsylvania in the United States of America.
According to the National Geographic team, the site discovered is about 416 to 359 million years old, about 2 to 3 million years older than the world’s oldest forest situated 30 miles away in Gilboa, New York.
The findings of the research team were published on Thursday, 19th December 2019 in the Journal named- Current Biology. The discovery will offer new insights into how over the decades the transformation of tress has occurred in the planet.
Eospermatopteris(a weedlike plant), Archaeopteris(modern seed plants predecessor) and Lycopsida(are found in coal swamps) are the three genera of tress identified from the site.



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