World’s New Nation: Bougainville gains independence from Papua New Guinea

On December 11, 2019, the South Pacific Archipelago of Bougainville voted to become independent of Papua New Guinea. Around 98% of 1,81,067 voters voted to get independent from Papua New Guinea.


It is the largest island of the Solomon Islands Archipelago. The island has the world’s largest copper deposits. The most widely spoken language in the country is Halia.

The country is yet to prove its recognition in the United Nations. In India, Godman Nithyananda is said to have built a new country called “Kailassa” near Ecuador. Kailassa is also yet to prove its recognition in United Nations.

Godman Nithyananda

Recently Godman Nithyananda is said to have created a new country called “Kailassa” near Ecuador in South America. The country is said to have separate flag, national animal, passport entry, visa, separate currency, etc. However, it is essential to obtain international diplomatic recognition to become a new country.

Diplomatic Recognition

By international law, a country should recognize the other for the later to become an independent country. The recognition can be proved by the new country through United Nation Resolution. If majority of the countries vote in favour of membership of the country, then the country enters world map and begins to exist legally. ‘There are 195 countries in the world today that are recognized by the United Nations.

Apart from Diplomatic recognition, the countries of North America and South America assent on Montevideo Convention.

Montevideo Convention

The Montevideo Convention is a treaty that was signed in 1933. The convention defines rights and duties of statehood. It lists the criteria for a country to become independent and declare its sovereignty. The most important factor of the convention is that it prohibited the use of military force to gain sovereignity.




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