World Hindu Economic Forum launches its Nepal Chapter in Kathmandu

World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) has launched its Nepal Chapter which was inaugurated by Nepal’s Minister of State for Health and Population Dr. Surendra Kumar Yadav in Nepal’s Capital of Kathmandu. The event was attended by large number of industrialists, business persons, traders, thinkers and other eminent personalities from Nepali society.

About World Hindu Economic Forum

It has been founded by Swami Vigyananand.

WHEF brings together financially successful elements within Hindu society (such as bankers, technocrats, investors, industrialists, business persons, professionals, economists, thinkers among others), so that each group can share their business knowledge, expertise and resources with their fellow brethren to trigger creation of surplus wealth and make society prosperous.

Objective of Nepal Chapter:

  • To increase economic cooperation between India and Himalayan state of Nepal.
  • To connect Nepal with a global network for its economic prosperity.


Economic relation is base of longevity of any relationship this is jufied as Nepal’s two third external trade is with India and India is also the largest investor in Himalayan country.

After opening of Integrated Check Post at Birgunj, a city in Nepal, the India-Nepal trade has increased, cost of doing business has reduced and ease of doing business has improved.




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