[email protected] ([email protected]) Programme

Dr. C N Aswath Narayan, Minister of Higher Education, Electronics, S & T, IT-BT, and Skill Development of the Karnataka government has launched [email protected] ([email protected]) programme.


  • The programme was launched on 8th March on the occasion of Women’s Day and focus will be given on corporate programs that will be helpful in attracting the women workforce.
  • The women who will be trained in specialized skills will become employable in the next five years. This will go a long way in contributing to the GDP growth of the country.
  • As part of the Karnataka Digital Economy Mission, efforts are also being made to provide 5,000 jobs for women.

Aim of the Programme

This programme has been launched with the aim of providing five lakh jobs to women with the necessary employable skills by 2026. Through industry upskilling and reskilling programs, mentorship, and institutional and organizational networking, the programme will empower women to actively participate and join the workforce. Currently, women constitute 35 percent of the workforce and their workforce strength will be raised to 50 percent under this programme.

Who has developed this programme?

The Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) has developed this programme in collaboration with KTECH, Karnataka Skill Development Corporation

What will be provided under this programme?

As part of this programme, free certificate courses will be provided with the aim of getting the women of the state technically trained in various disciplines.




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