White Dwarf Star

A new snowman-shaped star was recently discovered by scientists. It was formed by merger of 2 white dwarf stars.

  • White Dwarf:

A white dwarf star is a common type of star which is small and dense. It is formed from average mass stars (such as our sun) after they have exhausted their fuel and lost their outer layers. They are the slowly cooling remains of the average mass stars.

  • Supernova:

Supernova is a process of stellar explosion that occurs at the end of a star’s life. A white dwarf star’s life usually ends with a supernova which is initiated by an uncontrolled nuclear fusion process at its core. However, in the newly discovered object, the star didn’t undergo supernova, but instead fused into a snowman like structure.

  •  WDJ0551+4135:

The newly discovered star, WDJ0551+4135, is 150 light years away from the earth. It is reported to be the product of collision between two white dwarf stars. It is only 2/3rd the diameter of the earth but is more massive than the sun. It is travelling through the galaxy at a faster rate than 99% of its neighbours. Its outer atmosphere has high levels of carbon.


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