Nairobi Sheep Disease Virus

The Nairobi Sheep Disease Virus (NSDV) or Ganjam virus is a strain in the genus Orthonairovirus belonging to the Nairobi sheep disease serogroup. It’s known hosts are Ixodida and Ixodoidea (ticks), and afflict sheep and goats naturally.
Sheep and goats are natural reservoirs for NSDV and Ganjam, but fatal cases have also been reported among blue duikers in zoos or in the wild. High morbidity and mortality are seen in both sheep and goats, although goats tend to have less severe clinical signs than sheep. African field rats, langur monkeys and Bonnet monkeys have been experimentally inoculated with NSDV and Ganjam virus, with the bonnett monkeys not becoming viremic as result.


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