What is BCCI?

BCCI stands for Board of Control of Cricket in India in 1928 by players of Delhi’s Roshnara Club under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. It is comprised of state cricket associations. The state associations elect their representatives who in turn elect the officials at BCCI. It was set up with the aim of putting an end to the British monopoly in the game. There were 6 regional bodies as the first members. There are 30 full-time members and the total worth is about Rs. 3,308 Crores. Unlike other sports bodies of the world, BCCI does not have any corporate structure. It was still 2006, BCCI functioned from the house of its President but is currently housed at the Cricket Centre at the Wankhede Stadium. It is affiliated with ICC i.e. International Cricket Council. It is the richest sports body in the world and as per the latest revenue-sharing model, it bags 3-4% of the surplus earned by ICC.

The logo of BCCI comes from the emblem of Order of the Star of India during British rule.


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