What is Alpha Testing?

Alpha Testing is a testing process for an application which is undertaken usually towards the end of the development process and the final product is in the approximate usable state. It does not involve any kind of functional testing of the application but is primarily a user testing done to understand the user experience, ease of use and user behaviour on the same. It is generally done by test engineers, employees and even friends or family with the objective to emulate 80% of the customers.

The test is conducted in two broad steps:

  • Testing is done by the developers using the hardware-assisted debugger to test for bugs.
  • The second step is testing undertaken by the quality assurance team.

The basic aim of alpha testing is to reveal bugs that can come up due to sudden errors which the users create validation of state of quality of software in minimum time and ultimately build a robust application which satisfies all its specifications. It is after the proper execution of alpha testing that the application goes for the next stage of the beta test.


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