Western Sahara conflict

The US President Donald Trump has recently backed the claim of Morocco to the Western Sahara. In return Morocco is opening diplomatic relations with Israel. Israel is the fourth country to make peaceful relations with Israel after UAE, Bahrain and Sudan. UAE signed Abraham Accord with Israel to normalise its relations with the country. The deal was brokered by United States.

What is Western Sahara Conflict?

The Western Sahara conflict is the conflict between the Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Polisario Front is a Sahrawi rebel national liberation movement that aims to end Moroccan presence in the Western Sahara. After the Colonial withdrawal of Spain in 1975-76, there were three territories Mauritania, Morocco and the Polisario Front. The Polisario front declared the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) in 1976. SADR in the Western Sahara is recognised by the African Union, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), as well as the European Union. However, no referendum has been made between the front and Morocco regarding the Western Sahara region. The Trump administration has agreed to recognise Morocco’s sovereignty over disputed Western Sahara territory, as a part of the Israel- Morocco deal.

Moroccan Wall

It is a 2,700 kilo metre long structure made of sand running through western Sahara. It separates Moroccan areas in the west and the Polisaro controlled areas. According to the United Nations Mission for the referendum in Western Sahara, the wall extends into internationally recognised Mauritian territory as well.

The construction of the wall was began by the Moroccan forces with the help of South Korean, Israeli and South African advisors.


The conflict of Western Sahara has been dormant for three decades now after the signing of 1991 cease-fire agreement. The cease-fire agreement called for a referendum. However, the referendum never took place due to disagreements with Morocco. But the cease-fire prevailed.




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