West Bengal topped in Vegetable Production, Andhra Pradesh in Fruits

At a conference organized by the Ministry of Agriculture last week, the State-wise horticulture production data for the year 2018-19 was released. This the third advance estimate report, as per which, West Bengal was the top State in vegetable production with 29.55 million tonnes (mt) of vegetables last year. The state accounted for 15.9 % of the country’s total vegetable production in 2018-19.

The number one state during 2017-18 was Uttar Pradesh, which is pushed to the second place this year, with 27.71mt vegetables. In fruit production, a total of 98.58mt of fruit was produced in the country which was about 31.4 percent of the total horticultural crops in which Andhra Pradesh continued to hold the top spot with 17.61mt, followed by Maharashtra overtaking Assam with 10.82mt, and Uttar Pradesh at the third place. In 2018-19, the area under vegetable cultivation was 10.10 million hectares in the country, while a total of 6.65mh of the area was under fruit crop cultivation in the country.



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