Volcano erupts in Southern Caribbean

The La Sourfriere Volcano located on the eastern Caribbean island recently erupted after decades of inactivity. The volcano forced thousands in the surrounding villages to evacuate.

About the Volcano

  • The Volcano was dormant since 1979.
  • It started showing signs of activity in December 2020.
  • When the volcano erupted in 1979 it created 100 million USD of damages.
  • Earlier to 1979 eruptions, the La Sourfriere volcano erupted in 1902 and killed more than thousand people.
  • La Sourfriere means “Sulphur Outlet” in French.
  • It has erupted five times since 1718.
  • The La Sourfriere Volcano is a stratovolcano.
  • It is the youngest and northernmost volcano in the island.
  • La Soufriere Volcano is in the Caribbean tectonic plate.


The Caribbean is a region of the Americas that comprises of the Caribbean Sea. The region has more than seven hundred islands. The Climate Change poses major risks to the islands in the Caribbean region.

The name Caribbean comes from the Caribs. Caribs are one of the dominant native American groups in the region.

Caribbean Tectonic plate

The Caribbean Tectonic plate is mostly an oceanic tectonic plate. The Caribbean plate borders the Nazca plate, Cocos plate, North American plate and South American plate. The borders are the regions of intense seismic activity.

Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea is bounded by Mexico in the west and Central America in the south west. In the north of Caribbean Sea is the Greater Antilles and to the east is the Lesser Antilles.

The second largest barrier reef in the world called Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is in Caribbean Sea. The reef runs along the coast of Honduras, Gautemala, Belize and Mexico.




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