Vietnam Bach Long Pedestrian Bridge

The Bach Long pedestrian bridge in Vietnam is a glass-bottomed bridge that is suspended around 500 ft. off the ground. This newly opened bridge is the world’s longest such bridge.

What is the meaning of the name ‘Bach Long’?

Bach Long means ‘the white dragon.’ This bridge is 2000 ft or 632 metres long. This bridge is connecting two mountains and is hanging over a lush green valley. This bridge is located in the Son La Province, Northwest Vietnam.

What is this bridge made of?

This bridge is made out of three layers of 40mm thick tempered glass that has been produced in France. This tempered glass is able to support up to 450 people at a time. This bridge is said to surpass the 526-metre long bridge that is located in Guangdong, China. This claim has not yet been checked by the officials from Guinness World Records. This is the country’s third glass-bottomed bridge that has been constructed to attract tourists.

How has the bridge been tested?

The company that has constructed this bridge claimed to have tested the strength of the bridge by running heavy trucks on it. However, people on the bridge will be moving in one direction at one point of time to ensure their safety.

How will this Bridge help in improving the country’s economy?

Vietnam depends a lot on tourism and COVID disrupted this sector for the past two years. Hence, the government hopes that this bridge will be attracting tourists from across the world. In mid-March, the country opened its borders to international tourists. It also relaxed restrictions related to COVID. The government has also resumed the 15 days of visa-free travel that is applicable for 13 countries from across the planet.




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