UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: October 13, 2017

  1. “Development policies become more effective when combined with insights into human behavior.”Critically comment in context of Swachh Bharat Mission.
Indian Express | The Hindu

Category – GS-I: Indian Society & Social Issues

  1. “The subjective definition of “wise use” in the Wetland (Conservation and Management) Rules 2017 does not seem to make any change in our treatment of wetlands as waste lands.”Discuss critically.
Daily Pioneer | Live Mint

Category – GS-III- Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment.

  1. A strong Opposition is indispensable in a modern democracy.”Discuss keeping in context, the current political environment in India.
Daily Pioneer

Category – GS-II: Governance & Public Administration

  1. How the inconsistency between Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code with other statutes covering children created anomalies? To what extent, the recent SC verdict does away this anomaly? Discuss.
Daily Pioneer

Category – GS-II: mechanisms, laws, institutions and Bodies constituted for the protection and betterment of these vulnerable sections

  1. The manner in which the Supreme Court has dealt with the issue {of fire-crackers on Diwali} raises the concern of tyranny of the un-elected.” Discuss.
Live Mint

Category – GS-I -Social Empowerment, Communalism, Regionalism & Secularism

  1. “Despite of its promising prospects, BIMSTEC seems to be struggling to emerge as natural choice for strengthening integration between South Asia and Southeast Asia in last 20 years.” Critically discuss.
EAF | IDSA | Business Standard

Category – GS-II- Bilateral, Regional and Global Groupings and Agreements

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