UN Report on Racial Justice and Equality

United Nations published its report on Racial Justice & Equality and called to immediately dismantle systemic racism against black people worldwide to avoid repeating outrages such as killing of George Floyd.

Key findings of report

  • UN report was triggered by death of Floyd, who was murdered by white US police officer, Michelle Bachelet.
  • According to the report, dehumanisation of people of African descent has created a culture tolerance for racial discrimination and violence.
  • It also covered accountability and redress for victims.

Way forward

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has set a four-point agenda to bring about transformative change on racial justice & equality and asked states to implement it.
  • It called to include reparations for historical racism and funding for groups such as Black Lives Matter.
  • It called to reverse” cultures of denial” when it comes to racism. It said there must not be no impunity for human rights violations by law enforcement officials. It also urged to build up trust and institutional oversight reinforced.
  • It also mandated to hear voices black people and anti-racism activists.
  • Finally, it asked to confront legacies of historic racism through accountability and redress, the report concluded.


UN Human rights office was mandated to produce a comprehensive report in June 2020 following Floyd’s death. It was mandated to produce a comprehensive report on systemic racism and human rights violations by law enforcement agencies against black people.

Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

It is commonly known as United Nations Human Rights Office. This department of Secretariat of United Nations works to promote and protect human rights guaranteed under international law and stipulated in Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. This office was established in 1993 by United Nations General Assembly following 1993 World Conference on Human Rights. This office is headed by High Commissioner for Human Rights. He co-ordinates human rights activities throughout United Nations System and acts as secretariat of Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.




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