Consumer Price Index

CPIs are compiled on the basis of the standards set by International Labour Organization for the member countries. In this context, on the basis of the recommendations made by the International Labor Organization, the Second Commission on Labor and the National Statistical Commission Labor Bureau has shifted the base of CPI-IW from 1982 to 2001. It is considered to be a normal year judged by broad economic factors. The weighting Diagram for 1982 and 2001 are as follows:

The following table shows the quarterly trend in the CPI. The survey says that the current phase of relatively high inflation is concentrated in food, pan, supari, tobacco and intoxicants, and housing. Two major contributors to high CPI-IW inflation were food and housing. The housing sector is the third major contributor after food and the miscellaneous group, having a 15.3 per cent weight in the CPI-IW commodities basket. However, the average inflation (April-December 2010) was lower than in the corresponding period last year.
The non-food inflation in CPI-IW has increased during April-December 2010 to 11.64 per cent as against 8.78 per cent in the corresponding period last year.

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