Third Anglo-Burmese War and Annexation of Burma

On the eastern front, there was an unrest caused by the French activities in Indo-China, which led the British to poke their nose in the affairs of independent Burma. The Kind Thebau was alleged of persistent ill treatment with the British subjects. There was a succession crisis and British resident was thrown out of Burma. The result was a war in which a force under General Harry North Dalrymple Prendergast invaded upper Burma. In two weeks, the King surrendered and was sent as a prisioner to Madras.

  • On January 1, 1886, the territories of Burma were annexed in British India and on September 25, 1886, Lower Burma was annexed as province of British India under Sir Charles Bernard as the first chief commissioner.

    Thus this annexation was a result of Imperialism, rather than justice. But this annexation aroused the Burmese people. They started seeking independence by protracted guerrilla warfare. The series of expensive campaigns against these Guerilla warriors was led and they were suppressed brutally. But this annexation was not even welcome in India. This was because of the increased expenses which were now to be at the Cost of Indian Subjects. So, Indians prayed to make the Burma a crown colony as Ceylon.

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