Telemedicine technology to be commercialized by DRDO

Soon experts’ diagnosis and advises will be available for people living in rural and remote areas in India. They will not need to go to hospitals located in urban centers.

The DRDO will soon commercialize its telemedicine technology which was primarily developed for the armed forces that will make it accessible to civilians especially in the remote and rural areas. The Union Ministry of Rural Development and DRDO are negotiating on the modalities to implement the new technology for the use of civilians. The Army and the Navy have expressed their satisfaction with the system during the last 6 months trial.

Telemedicine Technology by DRDO

Telemedicine technology is used to provide clinical healthcare at a distance using information technologies and telecommunication, nullifying distance hurdle particularly in remote areas. DRDO developed it primarily for the armed forces. The technology facilitates patient and medical practitioners to communicate despite them being in different locations and transmit and share medical, imaging and health informatics data from one site to another.



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