States use technology to help with quarantining process

Several states have developed mobile apps to help with enforcing the quarantine in light of increasing violation of the rules by the public.

Karnataka’s Corona Watch App

The Karnataka government has developed a Corona Watch app. It has options for use by the general public and some other options for exclusive use by the officials. It allows the general public to view spots visited by COVID-19 patients and hence avoid visiting them. It also has information on the location of nearby medical facilities. For the officials, it enables the tracking of quarantined patients.

Tamil Nadu’s App

The Tamil Nadu government had developed the COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor app for the use by the police personnel. It was developed within 75 hours in light of the frequent violation of quarantine by the people. It enables the tracking of people who have a recent history of foreign travel.

Other Examples

Apart from apps for tracking the movement of quarantined persons, several states like Punjab and Kerala have developed apps for providing information to the people about the medical services, advisories, precautions, etc. The Union Ministry of Electronics and IT is developing an app for monitoring the patients. MyGov is using social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook for sharing information. It has also launched a channel on Telegram.



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