Size INDIA: NIFT to conduct National Sizing Survey to develop size chart

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi under Ministry of Textiles is going to conduct National Sizing Survey dubbed as Size India to develop comprehensive size chart for ready-to-wear industry based on body measurements of Indian population. So far, 14 countries have successfully completed national sizing surveys that include US, UK, France, Canada, Spain, Germany, South Korea, Mexico, China and Australia.

Size India project

Size India project is scientific exercise where anthropometric data will be collected from 25,000 sample (with men and women in equal numbers) population in age group 15 to 65 years across six major cities. The six cities are Kolkata (east), Mumbai (west), New Delhi (north), Bengaluru (south), Hyderabad (centre), and Shillong (northeast).
The survey entail measuring statistically relevant sample size pan country using human safe technology of 3D whole body scanner, non-contact method of taking body measurements and analyzing collected data. It will create database of measurements that will result in standardized size chart which is representative of Indian population and can be adopted by apparel industry.


At present, in India, either US or UK size system of ‘Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large’ is being used, and people then go for fitting accordingly. But large percentage of population face difficulty in finding clothes that fit them perfectly according to their body measurements. This is mainly due to differences in anthropometric built of people in different geographical regions across the country.  But, this uniform size chart will have standard reference point for ready-to-wear industry and all India brands will have same size for person.



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