Singapore introduces ‘Vaccinated Travel Lanes’

Singapore has introduced a “Vaccinated Travel Lanes”, for the fully vaccinated travellers.


Reopening of international travel in the backdrop of Covid-19 is not going to be a straightforward affair. Countries have been experimenting several concepts in order to allow the movement of passengers between nations such as air bubbles, travel corridors, vaccine passports, and traffic light system. Vaccinated Travel Lane is the new addition to the list.

About Vaccinated Travel Lanes

These lanes are basically an extension of travel corridors. However, these are meant only for fully vaccinated travellers.

Which country introduced it?

Vaccinated Travel Lanes are introduced by Singapore. As of now, Singapore has established it with two jurisdictions viz., Germany and Brunei Darussalam. Thus, Singapore is allowing fully vaccinated passengers from these two countries to arrive for any travel purpose without any quarantine requirements.

How this concept will work?

Singapore will designate specific flights for these lanes to work. Window to apply for Vaccinated Travel lanes opened from September 1 and such flights will run from September 8 onwards. Citizens and permanent residents of Singapore do not need to apply for it in order to travel back home under this mechanism.

Who are the eligible travellers?

In order to apply, travellers are required to be fully vaccinated. Persons will be considered fully vaccinated 14 days after receiving the full dose of vaccine authorised by WHO for emergency use. It include Covishield vaccine by Serum Institute of India.




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