Shekatkar Committee: Abolition of 9,304 Military Engineering Services

Union Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh recently approved the abolition of 9,304 posts in the military engineering services. The posts were abolished based on the recommendation of Shekatar Committee.


The late Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in 2016 appointed a 11-member committee. It was named the Shekatar Committee. Of all the recommendations made by the committee, around 65 were approved in 2017. The committee had made a total of 99 recommendations. If all the recommendations are implemented according to the committee, India can save Rs 25, 000 crores.

Abolition of Posts

The number of posts abolished were 9,304. In total there were total 13,157 vacancies. The abolished posts were included in the vacancies.

Shekatar Committee

The committee had recommended closure of military farms and postal establishments in peace regions. It also recommended enhancement of standards to recruit drivers in the army and clerical staff. It had made several changes in the reorganization of the Army Headquarters. The number of officers were recommended to reduce to 200.




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