September 30: Harijan Sevak Sangh Foundation Day

The Harijan Sevak Sangh was established on September 30, 1932. It was founded by Gandhiji. He founded it when he was in Yervada Jail, Pune. The legend was fasting when he founded the Sangh.


Gandhiji opposed the segregation of depressed classes of Hindu community into a separate group. This was done at the Second Round Table Conference held at London in 1931. It was B R Ambedkar who recommended the British Government to provide communal award to the depressed class.

According to Gandhiji, the move was made to create a split in Hindu Community. He was of the opinion that this was one of the policies of divide and rule of the British.

Gandhiji began his fast condemning the above moves of the British Government on 20th September, 1932. This day (September 20, 1932) was observed as a day of fasting and prayer.

Later, on September 30, 1932, Gandhiji founded All India Untouchability League. The league was later renamed as “Harijan Seva Sangh”. Following this, he also founded the Harijan newspaper. He called the untouchables “Harijans”. Harijan means children of god.

Harijan Seva Sangh

It was founded to eliminate untouchability in India. It is headquartered in Kingsway Camp, Delhi. The Sangh helped depressed classes in the Indian society to access public places such as schools, temples, roads and water resources. It also conducted inter caste marriages.

Kingsway Camp is one of Gandhian Heritage Sites. These sites are maintained by the Ministry of Culture, GoI.

Gandhian Heritage Sites

The following are the Gandhian Heritage sites in India

  • Champaran – Courtroom in Motihari
  • Sadaqat Ashram, Patna
  • Ansari’s Residence
  • Stephens College
  • Valmiki Colony
  • Bakhtiar Chisti’s Dargah at Mehrauli
  • Kingsway Camp
  • Porbandar and Rajkot Sites (Childhood period)
  • Sabarmati Jail – Cell where interned
  • Kochrab/Sabarmati venues
  • Court Room, Ahmedabad
  • Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad
  • Bhatgam, Surat
  • Manorville, Simla
  • Vykom, Kerala
  • Juhu Cottage
  • Mani Bhawan, Mumbai
  • Maganwadi, Sevagram
  • Sevagram Cottage
  • Bajajwadi,Wardha
  • Navbharat Vidyalaya, Wardha
  • Yeravda Jail (Cell), Pune
  • Parna Kuti, Pune
  • Aga Khan Palace, (Prison Cell) Pune
  • Mehta’s Nature Cure Clinic, Pune
  • Tilak Ghat, Chennai
  • Building of Dakshin Bharat Hindi
  • Venue in Madurai – where took to loin cloth
  • Kausani
  • Sodepur, Kolkata
  • Beliaghata, Kolkata
  • ‘Step Aside’, Darjeeling
  • ‘Natun Bari’, ‘Shyamoli’ and ‘Santiniketan Griho’ in Santiniketan
  • The Study in Raj Bhawan, Kolkata
  • 20, Baron’s Court Road, West Kensington
  • Kingsley Hall
  • Johannesburg – 11, Albemarle Street
  • Phoenix – ‘Sarvoday’
  • Tolstoy Farm




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