Sagar Parikrama Phase IV

Sagar Parikrama Phase IV journey was launched on March 18. Its purpose is to resolve issues concerning fishermen and other stakeholders and promote their economic development through various government schemes and initiatives.

Covering the Stretches of Uttar Kannada, Udupi, and Dakshan Kannada

Phase-IV of Sagar Parikrama will cover the stretches of Uttar Kannada, Udupi, and Dakshan Kannada. The two-day journey will be accompanied by government officials, fishermen representatives, fish-farmers, entrepreneurs, stakeholders, professionals, and scientists from across the country. The objective of this phase is to award certificates and sanctions related to the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada scheme, KCC, and State Scheme to progressive fishermen. The program aims to provide support to the fishermen to ensure that they have the necessary resources to continue fishing sustainably.

Launching a Song on Sagar Parikrama in Kannada

As part of Phase-IV, a song on Sagar Parikrama in Kannada will be launched. The song will help popularize the initiative among the local communities and create awareness about the various schemes and programs. The aim is to encourage the local communities to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the initiative and improve their lives.

Popularizing Literature on Different Schemes through Print and Electronic Media

In addition to launching the song, literature on different schemes will be popularized through print and electronic media. The objective is to ensure that the local communities have access to information on the various schemes and programs. This will help them understand the benefits of the initiative and encourage them to participate.

Improving the Lives of Fisher Communities

The main objective of Sagar Parikrama is to improve the lives of fisher communities in India. The initiative aims to ensure that the communities have access to the necessary resources to fish sustainably. This includes upgrading and creating infrastructure, developing fishing villages, and providing support to progressive fishermen. The ecosystem approach ensures that the initiative is sustainable and does not harm the environment.




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