Russia’s first full Stealth Naval Ship

Russia is building its first naval ship which will be fully equipped with stealth technology. Stealth technology will to make it hard to detect.

Key points

  • Hull of the Mercury naval corvette dubbed project 20386 is ready and vessel is expected to be delivered to navy in 2022.
  • This warship will be armed with cruise missiles, artillery and anti-aircraft missiles. It will also be capable of searching for and destroying submarines.
  • Russia has already incorporated stealth technology including a radar-absorbing coating into some navy vessels. However, those ships did not have full stealth technology.
  • Mercury vessel will comprise of a radar-absorbing coating and a special shape. This will minimise protrusions and crevices on its surface.
  • Vessel will use composite materials and special paint.


In recent years, Russia has invested heavily in its navy. This warship is also a part of push by President Vladimir Putin to revamp military which is already complicated due Western sanctions. Russia’s political ties with West are at worst since 1991 after breakup of Soviet Union.

Stealth Technology

This sub-discipline of military tactics is also called as low observable technology. It covers a range of methods used to make personnel, ships, aircraft, missiles, submarines, satellites, ground vehicles, infrared, sonar etc. Modern stealth technologies were started being developed in 1958 in United States.




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