Russia Military drills near Ukraine

Russia recently held military drills in the annexed Crimean region. More than six thousand troops participated in the drills. Russia had already stationed 100,000 soldiers in the Ukraine border.

Why did Russia conduct the drill?

The drill was conducted in response to US actions. According to Russia, the US is keeping its troops in alert. The US President held recently held a meeting with the European leaders. After the meeting, Biden announced that there was “total unanimity” on dealing with Russia. Also, the US has put 8,500 troops on standby. Also, the US is sending ships to strengthen the eastern European countries’ defence. The drill is seen as a counter to these actions. The tensions are increasing to levels not seen since cold war. The US

About the drill

The drill involved bombers, fighter jets, anti – aircraft systems, ships from the Caspian Sea fleets and Black sea fleets.


Ukraine was with the Soviet Union before the latter’s disintegration in 1991. The US and several other European countries have been supporting Ukraine since the disintegration. US is of the view that Russia is to capture Ukraine.  Russia is rejecting the accusation.


NATO wants Russia to withdraw its army from the Ukraine borders. NATO has warned Russia that the latter will have to face severe economic sanction if it attacks Ukraine. NATO is North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is an inter governmental organization formed by the US, 27 other European countries.

Four way Paris talks

The drill comes during four way Paris talks on Ukraine. It is also called “Normandy Talks”. This is increasing the tensions further. The talks were conducted among Russia, Germany, Ukraine and France. The talks were conducted to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine. The talks aimed to put an end to the long running conflict between the pro – Russian separatists and Ukrainian Government forces.




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