Russia expels European Diplomats

Russia recently expelled diplomats of Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Czech diplomats. It was retaliation from Russia after the countries expelled the Russian diplomats.


The Czech Republic ordered Russian staff to leave the embassy. The order was passed based on the accusations that Russian Intelligence Officers were behind 2014 explosion.

What is 2014 Explosion?

In 2014, two explosions occurred in a Czech Ammunition depot. Ammunition Depots are military storage units.

Russia and Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a member of NATO, European Union and OECD. The relations of the country with Russia after the latter annexed Crimea in 2014.

Annexation of Crimea

The political status of Crimea is disputed between Russia and Ukraine. This is called the Crimean issue. In 2014, Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine.

Baltic Countries

Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are called Baltic countries. The region gets its name from the Baltic sea that surrounds the region.  The countries declared independence from Soviet Union in 1991.

India-Baltic Countries

The countries Latvia and Lithuania support India in its permanent membership in United Nations. In 2019, Vice President Ram Nath Kovind visited the countries. He addressed the first India-Latvia Business Forum.

Balkan countries

  • The Baltic countries are different from Balkan countries. The Balkan countries are located in the Balkan Peninsula. It is bordered by Ionian Sea in the southwest, Adriatic Sea in northwest and Ionian Sea in the southwest.
  • They are Bosnia, Albania, Bulgaria, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and Slovenia.
  • The region takes the name after the Balkan Mountains.




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