RPF: Operation Mahila Suraksha

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) under Operation Mahila Suraksha has rescued 150 women and girls from falling into the trap of human trafficking syndicates.

What was the duration of this operation and why was it conducted?

This month-long operation which began on 3rd May and concluded on 31st May was conducted with the aim of rescuing women and girls from human trafficking. This operation witnessed heroic acts from the personnel of the railway police who put their own lives at stake to save the lives of the girls and women. During this drive, over 7000 persons were arrested by the RPF who were travelling unauthorizedly in the women’s reserved coaches. Also, 150 women and girls were rescued by the RPF from becoming human trafficking victims. A program named ‘Meri Saheli’ is also being run by the Railways.

What is the Meri Saheli initiative?

This initiative is being run by the railways with the aim of providing security to women while they travel on trains. This initiative has the objective of providing enhanced security and safety to the lady passengers who are travelling by train for their entire journey.  This is a pan India initiative. 283 teams of trained Mahila personnel and officers covering 223 stations were also deployed with an average of 1125 lady RPF personnel deployed per day. They interacted with over 2 Lakh 25 thousand ladies and provided them end to end security coverage.

What other awareness campaigns were launched?

Moreover, 5472 awareness campaigns have been conducted by the railways about the dos and don’ts while travelling in trains. The RPF personnel also risked their lives to save the lives of 10 women while alighting and boarding the train. Also, train escort duties with a mixed composition of female and male RPF personnel were also deployed.




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