Right to Privacy Bill 2014 : Current Status

Currently, the Right to Privacy in midst of drafting. The first such draft came in 2011 and the current bill is Right to Privacy Bill 2014. This bill recognizes the Right to Privacy as a part of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. The objective of this bill would be to protect individuals against misuse of data by government or private agencies. It says that an individual’s right to privacy cannot be infringed except in certain circumstances, such as for protection of India’s sovereignty or integrity, national security, prevention of commission of crime and public order. Unauthorised collection, processing, storage and disclosure of personal information would be treated as infringement of privacy. There are penal provisions for violation of the provisions of the bill.

Current Status of Right to Privacy Bill 2014

Currently, the bill is in limbo. It was reported recently that the law enforcement agencies are willing to seek exemption from the regulatory framework. Thus, the intention of such bill are also not devoid of doubts.


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