Revamped Quarterly employment survey (QES)- Highlights

The revamped quarterly employment survey (QES) for the months April-June was released on September 27, 2021 by Labour and Employment Minister Bhupendra Yadav.


  • As per the survey, estimated total employment across nine selected sectors from first round of QES was 3 crores-8 lakhs.
  • A growth rate of 29% was reported from a total of 2.3 crore in the sixth economic census (EC).
  • Nine selected sectors selected for the survey include- manufacturing, construction, transport, trade, education, accommodation & restaurant, health, IT/BPO and financial services. These sectors account for a majority of total employment in non-farm establishments.
  • Out of total employment in the selected nine sectors, Manufacturing accounts 41%. It is followed by Education (22%) and Health (8%).

Growth in different sector

As per report, IT/BPO sector witnessed the impressive growth of 152%. Health sector reported the growth of 77%. In education, growth is 39%. In Manufacturing, transport and construction there is a growth of 22%, 68% and 42% respectively.

Employment scenario

  • Employment in trade has reduced by 25% and in accommodation & restaurant it declined by 13%. Financial services witnessed a growth of 48% in employment.
  • As per report, 90% of the establishments have been working with less than 100 workers as against the figure of 95% during sixth Economic Census (EC).
  • About 35% of the IT/ BPO establishments worked with 100 workers.
  • In Health sector, 18% of the establishments worked with 100 or more workers.
  • Participation of female workers was at 29% as compared to 31% during 6th EC.
  • Regular workers constitute 88% of the estimated workforce across the nine selected sectors.
  • Only 9% of the establishments (with 10 workers) were not registered with any authority or any act.




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