Reconstitution of Inter-State Council

According to a recently issued notification, the Centre has reconstituted the Inter-State Council (ISC).

Who will be the members of the Inter-State Council (ISC)?

The Inter-State Council (ISC) will be headed by the Prime Minister (PM). It will comprise six Union ministers and the Chief Ministers (CMs) of all states and Union Territories (UTs) with a legislature, and administrators of UTs without a legislature. Ten Union ministers will also be permanent invitees to the council. The standing committee of the Inter-State Council (ISC) is also reconstituted. Home Minister will be the chairman of the standing committee.

What is Inter-State Council (ISC)?

Article 263 of the constitution deals with the Inter-State Council (ISC). According to it, President may establish Inter-State Council (ISC) if at any time it appears to him that the public interests would be served by it.  The council was established in 1990 through a presidential order based on the recommendation of the Commission on Centre-State Relations under the Chairmanship of Justice R. S. Sarkaria. Inter-State Council (ISC) helps the Centre and states sort out differences in policy and governance, thereby promoting cooperative federalism. It also provides a platform to discuss policies and subjects of common interest. It is a recommendatory body.




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