Recent India defense acquisitions from Israel

India is one of the world’s strongest militaries in the world. However, it suffers from a lack of domestic sources of defense hardware production and consequently, has to rely on foreign buys to arm and armor its forces.?

The biggest defense suppliers to India are the USA, Russia, and Isreal.

The Isreali PM Benjamin Netanyahu will visit India for a day in which he aims to discuss new defense cooperation and complete the supply agreements of new defense equipment to India.

What India is buying from Isreal?

  • India plans to buy hundreds of new air-to-air missiles Derby missiles and 2 new Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACs) for the Indian Air Force.
  • The Derby missiles will be used to arm the fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force. It is an extended range missile and can be integrated into several fighter aircraft.
  • The missile is capable of attacking aerial targets at both the short-range and the beyond visual range.
  • The Phalcon AWACs are large aircraft with a huge AESA radar mounted on the top of the aircraft to detect aerial threats and guide aircraft to them.
  • India already has five large AWACs with Isreali mounted Phalcon radars in service.

Other discussions in the Trip

The governments of India and Isreal are also expected to sign joint projects in the fields of agriculture, water, and waste management during this visit.



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