Real-Time Train Information System

Indian Railways is installing Real-Time Train Information System (RTIS) to automatically track train movements in real-time

What is RTIS?

  • The RTIS was jointly developed by the Indian Railways and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
  • It is currently being executed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), an organization under the Railways Ministry that designs, develops, implements and maintains most of the important information systems of the Indian Railways.
  • The RTIS-enabled trains are equipped with an application software that can determine train movement events like arrival, departure, run-through stations etc., based on predefined logic applied to spatial coordinates. The train speed is received continuously from the GSAT satellites having GPS Aided Geo-Augmented Navigation System (GAGAN) receiver.
  • ISRO launched the GSAT satellites having GAGAN payloads for tracking the real-time movement of trains and relying the information down to the Central Location Server (CLS) of CRIS, which then transmits to the National Train Enquiry System (NTES).
  • The NTES transfers this information to the public information dissemination systems in websites, mobile applications, 139 railway helpline number and others.
  • The train speed information is continuously delivered every 30 seconds.
  • The RTIS enabled trains’ locations will be automatically plotted on the control charts.
  • The RTIS enables speedy transmission of emergency messages between loco driver and control office. The control office will be able to track the location and speed of the RTIS enabled train without requiring manual interventions.
  • The health of the loco device is monitored using the configuration management system (LMCS).
  • RTIS devices have been installed in 2,700 locomotives in 21 electric loco sheds.
  • As part of the second phase of this project, 6,000 additional locomotives across 50 loco sheds will be covered using ISRO’s satellite communication (Satcom) hub.
  • Currently, GPS transmission from 6,500 locomotives are fed directly into the Control Office Application, enabling the automatic charting of trains and real-time information dissemination to passengers.




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