RAISE 2020: An International “Artificial Intelligence” Summit to be organised by GoI

The Government of India (GoI) is to organize an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit called RAISE 2020. RAISE stands for Responsible AI for Social Empowerment. The Summit is to be held in New Delhi between April 11 and 12, 2020.


The summit will be attended by experts of Artificial Intelligence from all over the world. It will focus on using AI towards social empowerment, transformation and inclusion and also in other key areas such as agriculture, healthcare, smart mobility and education.


It is essential to implement AI in social transformation as it will help in bringing regulatory changes. It will improve the efficiency of work places, reduce operating costs. With autonomous transportation, AI can help save large amounts of fuel and time.

Negative Impacts

Though there are several benefits of Artificial Intelligence, the only concern towards the technology is that it has the potential to minimize the work force in a sector. Especially in a country like India that is second most populous in the world, it is essential to keep track that AI does not reduce employment opportunities.

The Summit will help understand all these key areas and act accordingly.




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